Paw Justice has a zero tolerance attitude towards animal abuse. It works with the community to reduce animal abuse and cruelty. Paw Justice has various campaigns and programmes which aim to promote its causes. We act as advocates in the community for those with no voices and promote education and public awareness to bring about social change. Join your voice with ours - become the voice for the animals.



Our aim is to keep pets out of animal shelters. While these places are in some instances a last resort for our furry friends, we believe it is important to keep families together, which means helping families in need, take care of their pet.

Financial hardship is one of the main contributing factors for pets being put into animal shelters. When finances are stretched, some owners, who love their pets, are forced by financial circumstances beyond their control to place their beloved pet into a shelter. Paw Justice has received many requests for assistance when people end up in this situation. Fortunately, we have been able to help some of these owners through the Paw Justice Pet Foodbank.

In the course of our journey, we discovered that there are a huge number of people out there who have taken one of our furry friends under their wing, all out of the goodness of their hearts. These people have opened their hearts, lives and wallets to give our animals a second chance at life. They are the unsung heroes of animal rescue, and often forgotten about. Paw Justice works to assist these people by rewarding their acts of kindness and giving them a helping hand through sharing food and resources from the Paw Justice Foodbank.

The Paw Justice Foodbank also shares its food supplies with over 71 rescue groups, animal shelters and individual rescuers when needed, including Dogwatch, Lonely Miaow, Mastiff Rescue Group, Chain Dog Awareness, Passion4paws, Gutter Kitties, Paws4life, Bullbreed Rescue, Auckland Puppy Rescue, HURRAH, and individual branches of the SPCA, to name but a few. Our well connected social media community allows us to keep an eye and ear out for what is needed by our unsungĀ  heroes and our furry friends. Over the years, we have sent out and shared over 352 tonnes off pet food, helping thousands of animals in need.

Paw Justice does not receive any government funding and relies solely on your support through donations, purchase of merchandise and other charity fundraising initiatives, to continue its work.



Paw Justice has sent 76 tonnes of pet food to Christchurch since the first earthquake hit. We have provided pet food to a variety of charities, organisation and individuals, helping thousands of animals in need. Organisations we have sent food to include:

  • Salvation Army
  • Aranui Community Centre
  • Dallington Hub (for distribution to local residents)
  • SPCA
  • Dogwatch
  • K9 Rescue
  • Refuge Dogs
  • Cats Protection League
  • Chch Cat Rescue
  • Cat Help
  • Rangiora Cat Care

In addition to the above, Paw Justice utilizes distributor networks in Lyttleton and New Brighton, supplying foster carers taking in homeless animals and elderly residents living on their own. We have also supplied to individuals and families with pets who have struggled financially as a result of the earthquake.



Remember, all donations over $5 are tax deductible. If you would like a receipt, please ensure you include your full name and address details with your donation.

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